How to run your own lottery website:

  • 1 - Go to github and copy this repo.
  • 2 - Modify the first line of the file SmartLotery/PoolManager.js with your ETH address (to receive 1% fee)
  • 3 - Modify anything you would like in html files. Example: you can translate the website in your own language or change design or anything you like to improve. Or you can only keep the SmartLotery directory and bet.html file to add to your existing website.
  • 4 - Upload all files into your server.
  • 5 - Let us a comment with your website address on bitcointalk.
  • 6 - Promote your website.
  • 7 - The Pool Manager will automatically collect 1% of all ETH bet through your website.
  • 8 - You can access the page SmartLotery/fee_panel.html on your own website to collect the fee (you need a mist or metamask account with a minimum ether to pay the gas).
  • Or you can call directly the function getMyFee() of the smartcontract (from geth or web3).